Advantages of Veneer
One of the things that sets our shop apart is the use of exotic and domestic veneers in the creation of many projects. We are one of the few shops in the area that use flitches of raw veneers from a single log rather than paper-backed veneers,which are prone to long-term stability issues. All our veneer work is done in-house, giving us total control over the process from the selection and lay up to the pressing of veneered panels both flat and curved. Using raw veneer opens up a world of creative possibility and freedom of design unachievable with solid wood alone. Many projects done with veneer would have been impossible with solid wood because of its movement,which leads to cracking, sagging, and warping.
Veneer also gives us advantages such as consistent color,sequenced grain matching, panel stability, and a huge selection of species to work from. Pieces of veneer can be matched up in book matches, slip matches, four-way matches, and many other patterns such as chevrons. For the homeowner,this ensures uniquely designed woodwork with a continuity of grain and color throughout the entire house as well as the possibility of incorporating rare and exotic woods. For the designer, it gives a whole new range of woods and design options to work from that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible with solid wood and traditional cabinetmaking techniques.